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102 Printable Bible Trivia Questions & Answers

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Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned trivia game? Test your bible knowledge while having fun. Go ahead and print off these bible trivia questions, put out some snack foods and let the party begin!

These bible trivia questions are easy to moderate in difficulty. This Trivia game is aimed for ages 8+ making it perfect for family game night, Holiday get-togethers, bible study groups, youth groups, Sunday school, or road trips.

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Easy Bible Trivia Questions

1-Trivia Question: What is the first book of the bible?

Correct Answer: Genesis.

2-Trivia Question: On what day did God make the plants and trees?

Correct Answer: On the third day.

3-Trivia Question: Who wrote the book of Genesis?

Correct Answer: Moses.

4-Trivia Question: In how many days did God create the world?

Correct Answer: Six.

5-Trivia Question: Who was the first man created?

Correct Answer: Adam

6-Trivia Question: Where did Adam and Eve live when they were created?

Correct Answer: Garden of Eden.

7-Trivia Question: What is the last book of the bible?

Correct Answer: Book of revelation.

8-Trivia Question: Who tricked Eve into eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Correct Answer: The serpent.

9-Trivia Question: Who built an ark?

Correct Answer: Noah

10-Trivia Question: Name Noah’s three sons.

Correct Answer: Shem, Ham, Japheth.

11-Trivia Question: Who was Abraham’s wife?

Correct Answer: Sarah.

12-Trivia Question: Who was Abraham’s nephew?

Correct Answer: Lot.

13-Trivia Question: What happened to Lot’s wife?

Correct Answer: She turned into a pillar of salt for disobeying.

14-Trivia Question: Who was Isaac’s father?

Correct Answer: Abraham.

15-Trivia Question: Name Isaac and Rebekah’s Two sons.

Correct Answer: Jacob and Esau.

16-Trivia Question: What did God change Jacob’s name to?

Correct Answer: Israel.

17-Trivia Question: How many son’s did Israel have?

Correct Answer: Twelve.

18-Trivia Question: Who was Israel’s youngest son?

Correct Answer: Benjamin.

19-Trivia Question: Who wore a coat of many colors?

Correct Answer: Joseph.

20-Trivia Question: How did God appear to Moses the first time?

Correct Answer: Through a burning bush.

Life of Jesus Questions

21-Trivia Question: Where was Jesus born?

Correct Answer: Bethlehem.

22-Trivia Question: Who were Jesus’ earthly parents?

Correct Answer: Mary and Joseph.

23-Trivia Question: Who baptized Jesus?

Correct Answer: John the baptist.

24-Trivia Question: Who betrayed Jesus?

Correct Answer: Judas Iscariot.

25-Trivia Question: How many disciples did Jesus Have?

Correct Answer: Twelve.

26-Trivia Question: What was Jesus’ first miracle?

Correct Answer: Turned water into wine.

27-Trivia Question: What gifts did the Magi bring baby Jesus?

Correct Answer: Gold, incense, and myrrh.

28-Trivia Question: How many days did Jesus fast in the desert?

Correct Answer: Forty days.

29-Trivia Question: What does Jesus say is the greatest commandment?

Correct Answer: To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

30-Trivia Question: Name the garden where Jesus prayed the night before he was crucified.

Correct Answer: Garden of gethsemane.

31-Trivia Question: What was Jesus’ crown made of?

Correct Answer: Thorns.

32-Trivia Question: True or False: Jesus was both fully God and fully human.

Correct Answer: True.

33-Trivia Question: What did Jesus do at the last supper?

Correct Answer: He washed the disciples feet.

Easter Bible Trivia Questions

Christmas Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Road Trip Trivia Questions for Families

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Print and take these fun bible trivia questions on the go!

Whole Bible Quiz Questions

34-Trivia Question: Who was the wisest king on earth?

Correct Answer: King Solomon.

35-Trivia Question: What are the first 39 books of the bible called?

Correct Answer: The old testament.

36-Trivia Question: Who was King Solomon’s father?

Correct Answer: King David.

37-Trivia Question: In what book of the bible can you read the story of Noah’s ark?

Correct Answer: Genesis.

38-Trivia Question: Who is the Son of God?

Correct Answer: Jesus Christ.

39-Trivia Question: In what book of the bible can you read the story of the tower of babel?

Correct Answer: Genesis.

40-Trivia Question: Which of Jesus’ disciples was a tax collector?

Correct Answer: Matthew.

41-Trivia Question: Name the only female judge in the book of judges.

Correct Answer: Deborah.

42-Trivia Question: Name the roman governor over Jesus’ trial.

Correct Answer: Pilate.

43-Trivia Question: What is the longest chapter of the bible?

Correct Answer: Psalm 119

44-Trivia Question: Who wrote the book of Revelation?

Correct Answer: The apostle John.

45-Trivia Question: Who wrote the book of Romans?

Correct Answer: the apostle Paul

46-Trivia Question: Who denied Knowing Jesus three separate times?

Correct Answer: Peter.

47-Trivia Question: What did David use to kill Goliath?

Correct Answer: A slingshot and a stone.

48-Trivia Question: What was the source of Samson’s strength?

Correct Answer: The spirit of God was upon him or his uncut hair will also be an acceptable answer.

49-Trivia Question: Who were John the baptist’s parents?

Correct Answer: Zechariah and Elizabeth.

50-Trivia Question: How were Jesus and John the baptist related?

Correct Answer: The were cousins.

51-Trivia Questions: Who wrote the Ten Commandments?

Correct Answer: God wrote them on stone tablets. Moses brought them down the mountain.

Hard Bible Trivia Questions

52-Trivia Question: Name the three members of the trinity.

Correct Answer: God the father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit.

53-Trivia Question: Who meets with Jesus in private at night?

Correct Answer: Nicodemus.

54-Trivia Question: Name the queen who visited King Solomon.

Correct Answer: Queen of Sheba.

55-Trivia Question: Who is Beelzebub?

Correct Answer: The prince of demons.

56-Trivia Question: What did God say when Jesus was baptized?

Correct Answer: “You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased. (Luke 3:22)

57-Trivia Question: Who led the Israelites after the death of Moses?

Correct Answer: Joshua.

58-Trivia Question: Who was Mary and Martha’s brother whom Jesus raised from the dead?

Correct Answer: Lazarus.

59-Trivia Question: Which prophet was fed by ravens?

Correct Answer: Elijah.

60-Trivia Question: Who was King David’s father?

Correct Answer: Jesse.

61-Trivia Question: Who walked with God and then was no more because God took him away?

Correct Answer: Enoch.

More Hard Trivia Questions

62-Trivia Question: What is the name of Moses’ wife?

Correct Answer: Zepporah

63-Trivia Question: Who is the wife that Jacob loves?

Correct Answer: Rachel.

64-Trivia Question: Who was the oldest man to ever live?

Correct Answer: Methuselah.

65-Trivia Question: How old was Methuselah when he died?

Correct Answer: 969 years old

66-Trivia Question: Who was thrown into a lion’s den for praying?

Correct Answer: Daniel.

67-Trivia Question: Who was thrown into a fiery furnace?

Correct Answer: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

68-Trivia Question: Name the nine fruits of the spirit.

Correct Answer: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & gentleness.

69-Trivia Question: How many chapters does the book of Proverbs have?

Correct Answer: 31

70-Trivia Question: What is the beginning of wisdom?

Correct Answer: The fear of the Lord. (Proverbs 1:7)

71-Trivia Question: How much did the poor widow put into the offering plate?

Correct Answer: 2 small copper coins.

72-Trivia Question: What two ancient prophets appeared to Jesus on a mountain top?

Correct Answer: Moses and Elijah.

73-Trivia Question: When is Palm Sunday?

Correct Answer: The Sunday before Easter.

Beatitudes Trivia Quiz

74-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are the poor in spirit…

Correct Answer: ….fo theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

75-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are those who mourn….

Correct Answer: ….for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4)

76-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are the meek….

Correct Answer: ….for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

77-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness….

Correct Answer: …..for they will be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

78-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are the merciful…..

Correct Answer: …..for they will be shown mercy.” (Matthew 5:7)

79-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude. “Blessed are the pure in heart….

Correct Answer: …..for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

80-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are the peacemakers….

Correct Answer: ….for they will be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

81-Trivia Question: Finish the beatitude: “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness….

Correct Answer: ….for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

General Biblical Knowledge

82-Trivia Question: How many people entered Noah’s Ark?

Correct Answer: 8 people

83-Trivia Question: What is the shortest verse in the bible?

Correct Answer: John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”

84-Trivia Question: What is the shortest book in the bible?

Correct Answer: 2 John

85-Trivia Question: Which new testament book has the Sermon on the Mount?

Correct Answer: Matthew.

86-Trivia Question: Who did God call out of Ur to move to Canaan?

Correct Answer: Abram.

87-Trivia Question: Where do we find the Ten Commandments?

Correct Answer: In the book of Exodus.

88-Trivia Question: Which commandment is honor your father and mother?

Correct Answer: The fifth commandment.

89-Trivia Question: Who was the first murder victim?

Correct Answer: Abel.

90-Trivia Question: Who was the first christian martyr?

Correct Answer: Stephen.

91-Trivia Question: How many loaves of bread and how many fish did Jesus have when he fed the 5,000?

Correct Answer: Five loaves of bread and two fish.

92-Trivia Question: What four books tell us about Jesus’ life on earth?

Correct Answer: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Hard Questions From The Book Of Revelation

93-Trivia Question: What is the last sentence in the book of revelation?

Correct Answer: “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people, Amen.” (Revelation 22:21)

94-Trivia Question: How many churches are named in the book of revelation?

Correct Answer: Seven churches.

95-Trivia Question: What do the four living creatures who stand before the throne of God, never stop saying? Day and night they say this.

Correct Answer: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and is, and is to come.” (Revelation 4:8)

96-Trivia Question: How many seals are there?

Correct Answer: Seven.

97-Trivia Question: Where was the apostle John when he wrote the book of Revelation?

Correct Answer: The island of Patmos.

98-Trivia Question: How is the new Jerusalem described in Revelation chapter 21?

Correct Answer: A place with no more death, crying, or pain.

99-Trivia Question: How does God describe himself in Revelation chapter 1?

Correct Answer: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” (revelation 1:8)

100-Trivia Question: What are the Alpha and Omega?

Correct Answer: Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. (A,Ω)

101-Trivia Question: What is Jesus’ voice compared to in Revelation chapter 1?

Correct Answer: The sound of rushing waters.

102-Trivia Question: Name the angel who fights against the dragon during the heavenly war in Revelation chapter 12.

Correct Answer: The angel Michael fights the dragon. (revelation 12:7)

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