Fun Cinco de Mayo Bingo Game Free Printable

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Here’s a fun American twist on the classic Mexican fiesta party game Loteria! This fun Cinco de Mayo bingo game is perfect for the whole family to play together, from the younger children all the way up to the grandparents!

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I loved creating the printable bingo game for Christmas, so I thought it would be so much fun to make cinco de mayo bingo game cards as well….. After all, I was born and raised in Mexico for my first eleven years of life!

Cinco de mayo bingo free printable
Cinco de mayo bingo FREE printable

The Mexican culture is beautiful and vibrant in so many ways.

Mexican food is delicious, their beaches are gorgeous and the Mexican people really know how to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

But my favorite thing about the culture is the importance they put on family.

Growing up in Mexico was so different than how my kids are growing up here in the United States.

When we had family gatherings in Mexico, the house would be bursting at the seams.

Because it wasn’t just parents and siblings with their kids but grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins; not just first cousins, second and third cousins as well….Everyone was there.

And we got together often! none of this once a year thing we have going on here in the States.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this beautiful country I get to call home now, but I do miss the simplicity and togetherness of my childhood in Mexico.

Did You Know? Quick Cinco De Mayo Trivia

Although most people in the U.S. believe May 5th is the Mexican Independence Day, that is actually not true.

On that day Mexico celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France when they won the battle of Puebla; a state on the Gulf of Mexico.

The holiday is mostly observed in the state of Puebla and not really at all in the rest of the country.

Cinco de Mayo Bingo Free Printable

These free cinco de mayo bingo printables include ten unique bingo cards and three calling cards.

Print on regular letter size paper or on card stock. If you want to ensure you can pull out the game every year at your annual celebration then I suggest you laminate each page.

cinco de mayo bingo free printable

How to Play this Spanish Bingo Game

This free Cinco de mayo party game is played just like traditional bingo. The only exception is that you have to print out the free printable bingo cards at home or for best results at your local print shop on nice thick card stock paper.

I used the Spanish word for each Mexican picture in each square to add some fun, plus you might even learn a new Spanish vocabulary word! But don’t worry, most of the words are pretty easy so kids of all ages can join in the cinco de mayo fun.

After you print out the digital files, cut the individual squares from the three calling cards.

Place the 24 picture squares in a bowl and mix well.

Give each player or team one of the ten different bingo cards.

One person will be the bingo caller. They will draw out one picture square and call out what the picture is.

There are two different ways to win at this fun cinco de mayo bingo game..

  1. Get five pictures in a row marked off. Five in a row can be in a line in any direction or diagonal.
  2. To make the game last longer you can play blackout bingo. That’s when every picture on a unique card is marked off, including the free space……or espacio libre in Spanish.

Here’s some fun ideas for what you can use for bingo card markers:

  • Dry beans
  • Pebbles/rocks
  • Coins
  • Regular bingo chips
  • If you had the different bingo cards laminated or inside page protectors, you can use dry erase markers to mark off each picture.

Optional: To make it even more fun, have a fun prize for the winner. A yummy treat, a small gift card, or a fun little thing from the dollar store.

How to download the free printable cinco de mayo bingo cards

To download the cinco de mayo bingo free printable game, simply enter your email address in the form below and check your email for the digital downloads. If you’ve never received an email from Keeper of our Home before you might need to check your junk folder.

Once you open the email, click on the “Print Game” button and you will get the instant download on a pdf file.

Who Can Play Cinco de Mayo Bingo

This game is great to have on hand at your cinco de mayo celebrations because it can be played in large groups. If you have more than ten people just break everyone into teams of two.

The colorful cards will be fun for young children and I’m pretty sure it will be fun enough for the teenagers to want to play too.

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cinco de mayo bingo free printable

This Cinco de Mayo Bingo Game Free Printable was created by keeper of our home and is intended for personal use only. Please print for your own personal use. If you wish to share this fun bingo game with family and friends, share a link to this website so they can get their own free download. By sharing in this way you are helping me be able to keep creating content free of charge to you! Thank you so much friends.

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