Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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This year I’m running just a little behind, so if you are too and need a little help with Christmas tree decorating you’ve come to the right place!

This blog post is part of a collaboration with other bloggers to bring you different and unique Christmas tree theme ideas.

The holiday season is upon us! When do you like to put your Christmas tree up? Before Thanksgiving or after? Our family tradition is to put up all Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

large decorated christmas tree
Our sentimental and memory filled Christmas tree

If you are more on top of things than I am (which I’m sure you are!) and already have your tree up this year, save this and come back to it later when you’re shopping those after Christmas clearance sales for next year.

Christmas trees are often the centerpiece of the home so whether you’re looking for a simple idea, an elegant tree, or ideas for DIY Christmas decorations, I’m sure you will find different ways to decorate your very own gorgeous tree.

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Sentimental Christmas Tree Idea To Get In The Holiday Spirit

Christmas tree decorating is something my whole family looks forward to. I used to decorate the tree with a different color scheme and theme every year, but lately we’ve settled into more of a memory filled sentimental approach to our decorating.

Heirloom ornaments that belonged to my mother in law, now hang on our tree since her passing last year.

vintage christmas tree ornaments
Just a few of my mother in laws’s wooden vintage ornaments

Hand made ornaments my now teenagers made when they were in grade school.

kids handmade christmas tree ornaments
Some of my kids handmade one of a-kind ornaments

Ornaments we’ve collected from family vacations over the last 16 years.

Ornaments friends and family have thoughtfully picked out for us.

Flint the elf now has a permanent seat on our memory filled tree. You can read all about our Elf Christmas tradition from years past, and the new tradition we’re starting this year.

And lastly, our family photo Christmas cards since we began that tradition back in 2009. It’s so fun to look through all our Christmas cards and see how much our family has changed through the years.

christmas cards used as ornaments on a christmas tree
Christmas cards are one of my favorite ways to decorate the Christmas tree.

For a tree skirt we use three sheep skins my mother in law brought from her travels to New Zealand many years ago, they give it an extra cozy Christmas feel. At the bottom of the tree along with a few Christmas presents, we display old stuffed animals from my husbands childhood and some from when our kids were little.

Stuffed animals and wrapped gifts at the base of the christmas tree
Handed down stuffed animals at the tree base

This is a large tree standing at 9ft tall and about 5ft in diameter, so we did buy large ball ornaments from Costco to help fill some of the empty gaps.

Christmas Tree Collaboration: Take A Look At These Other Beautiful Tree Decor Ideas

Decorating An Eco-Friendly Tree

Ada from is a mom and wife, always looking for a more natural and simple way of living. A journey filled with eco-friendly ideas, urban gardening tips, DIY, healthy recipes, and more.

christmas tree decorated with all natural handmade christmas ornaments.
I love all the natural elements Ada used in her Christmas tree.

Her eco-friendly Christmas tree ornaments are beautiful, fun to make, and made with natural and recycled materials. This is the perfect holiday craft that the entire family will enjoy.

Mini Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

Barbra-Sue from and her husband, Philip, own 68 acres in Western Kentucky where they are building a homestead. They recently sold their home in Florida and are living in their RV, traveling frequently to the homestead to build the needed infrastructure. They are in the beginning process of building a log home from the timber harvested on the property. Once they meet their financial goals, they will move to the homestead full time.

This Christmas is Philip and Barbra-Sue’s first Christmas as empty nesters and newlyweds. Since their household goods are in storage, Barbra-Sue used items on hand to create an Old-Fashioned Christmas tree full of country charm. A snow-covered mini tree perfectly fits their tiny home but still brings Christmas cheer this holiday season. Head over to Barbra-Sue’s post to read more!

minni christmas tree decorated with dried orange slices
Barbra-Sue’s mini tree with a snowy look

Here is another mini tree from the blog Angela loves to create and make. Seeing beauty in everything around her and trying to embrace all life has to offer. Currently she is traveling full-time in an RV with her family of 5 and 1 dog searching for their own homestead and old home to renovate. Living simply but not simple is her goal. Check out her tiny home Christmas tree with 5 simple Christmas ornaments anyone can incorporate to elevate any Christmas tree.

Ornaments hanging on a christmas tree
I love the bead garland she used on her tree.
handmade gingerbread house ornaments
Angela’s whimsical and simple Christmas ornaments

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hollyn from is a mom of three, ages 3 and under, and a military wife. She enjoys cooking from scratch meals and finding ways to live a more natural and healthy life while finding joy in the every day moments.

a red star on Top of a christmas tree
cute crochet star for the top of the tree.
Christmas tree decorated with DIY ornaments
Great idea tree for all the mamas with toddlers. There’s nothing on this tree they can break!

Her Christmas tree is filled with simple DIY crafted ornaments. These DIY ornaments are great to do with kids, girlfriends or your spouse while you’ve got a cozy Christmas movie on. Plus, If you’ve got toddlers running around like her, you won’t mind them playing with these ornaments! Read all the details about Hollyn’s Christmas tree over on her post.

An Old World Charm Christmas Tree

Teresa from is sharing her Old World Charm Christmas Tree, made up of the many vintage, glass ornaments she has collected along the way.

Some ornaments from childhood and even a few from her mom’s childhood. Each ornament has a story, so she dedicated an entire tree to these beautiful, glass ornaments. Read about Teresa’s Vintage inspired tree here.

vintage snowman ornament on a christmas tree
“Gone Sleddin”, this ornament is from the 1960’s
vintage christmas tree decorations
Vintage Christmas tree idea

I hope you enjoyed this special Christmas tree post and found new inspiring ideas to try in your own home.

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  1. Our tree has been up since Halloween, yeah a little early but we needed some holiday cheer! But, I just put up some lights outside this week which is pretty late. Sometimes it’s nice to do a little at a time and spread out the decorating. I love all of your ideas. It is special to look back at ornaments made from years past.

  2. Your tree is so beautiful, I love all your ornaments. I also enjoyed seeing some other posts on how they decorate as well. Always nice having different perspectives.

  3. I absolutely love all of the sweet and sentimental details your tree holds! It seems like every piece holds a special memory 🥰 And I love the use of the New Zealand sheep skin for a tree skirt, so pretty!

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