Saying Goodbye to Disney Plus and Putting Family Values First

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Hey y’all! So, I’ve been wanting to chat about something that’s been on my mind for a while – saying goodbye to Disney Plus. Now, before you think I’ve lost my mind, hear me out. As a mom, I’ve always believed in putting family values first, and the last few years, I came to the realization that  Disney Plus no longer aligns with those values. So let’s have a heart-to-heart about why sometimes, saying goodbye to even the most beloved things can be the right thing for our families.

family of four infront of the castle at Disney World
Our family at Disney World in 2019

It’s been at least two and a half years since we decided we were  gonna cancel Disney Plus.  And let me tell you, it wan’t a super easy choice to make.  We have loved all things Disney for so many years! But when it became obvious that  what we were seeing on the screen went directly against  our deeply held Christian values, we knew it was time to let it go. The streaming platform, once the ideal choice for family entertainment, was moving away from the wholesome entertainment Walt Disney wanted. 

We noticed a trend towards a more liberal agenda, especially those addressing sexual orientation, which we felt were not appropriate things for streaming services to be pushing on our kids. We lost a lot of respect for the company because I believe those kinds of discussions are things parents need to tackle when and if they think it appropiate for their kids without the push from a company like Disney. This shift in content, subtly undermining the traditional family values we hold dear, made the choice we had to make very clear.

Disney Then and Now

Walt Disney had a big dream that shaped a whole era.

His stories were all about families coming together, sharing adventures, and believing in dreams. Walt’s movies were the building blocks of his empire, bringing joy and wonder to people of all ages.

But as time went on, things started to change. Disney, once this unbeatable giant, started to walk a different path. With the rise of streaming services like Disney Plus, it seemed like magic was just a click away. But as the shows started to change, talking more about politics and costing more money, it felt like something was missing. The goodness and innocense was gone and the price of subscriptions kept going up, and it felt like Disney was moving away from what Walt Disney himself believed in. It’s like the whole picture shifted, turning a beloved brand into something different from its warm, cozy beginnings.

Making The Choice To Cancel Disney Plus

A turned off TV on a credenza

When we decided to stop our Disney Plus subscription. It was a big decision for us. The platform used to be full of all the great animated movies we all grew up with, but it started to feel like it wasn’t matching up with what we believe in anymore. As we looked through the tv shows, we started feeling uneasy. It seemed like the place we used to enjoy watching together had changed into something we didn’t really recognize anymore.

The recent changes in the Disney Plus app made it easier for us to decide to cancel our Disney Plus account. And it was easier to explain to our kids why we were doing it too.  We started looking at other options. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and some other services had shows and movies that we liked but none of the other popular offerings were much better. We found stuff we could watch together but we still had to worry about what kind of content was in it. 

Moving away from Disney Plus and all the other tv subscription services didn’t just save us money. It helped us find better things to do as a family. Sticking to our values brought us closer together. It proved that sometimes, stepping away from the big entertainment names is the right thing for our family’s happiness and closeness.

Steps to Cancel Disney Plus

If you’ve been thinking these same thoughts and considering canceling Disney Plus, here’s how we did it. After a quick search, it was a very easy process…

  1. Visit the Disney Plus website or open the app on your smart phone or computer web browser.
  2. Sign in to your Disney Plus account using the same email address and password you set up last year or whenever you started your subscription. 
  3. Go to your profile, usually found in the lower corner of the screen or through a menu on the website. 
  4. Find the ‘Account’ section right under personal details or a similar category where subscription details are usually kept. 
  5. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’ which might prompt you for a cancellation reason. Here, we took the opportunity to tell Disney why exactly we were canceling our Disney Plus account, seeing this as an important step towards distancing ourselves from content we found conflicting with our core values. 
  6. Confirm your cancellation request when prompted. This would be the final step, making our family’s decision to step away from the once untouchable giant and explore other content platforms that better align with our family values.

Looking for Other Options Besides Disney Plus

After you cancel your Disney Plus subscription, if you want to explore the different streaming options out there. Prime Video and Netflix and a ton more offer a range of content, including classic animated movies and original shows your family might like. For documentary and educational content, platforms like Curiosity Stream proved to be a treasure trove, highlighting factual entertainment over fiction. You might even find services with better price points,  lowering your monthly entertainment costs. Also, many of these services offer a free trial, allowing you time to  evaluate all the new content without immediate commitment. 

The Impact of Subscription Services on Family Entertainment

Disney Plus changed how families watch shows and classic disney films, but not all the changes are good. It used to be a place for family favorites and Pixar movies, but now it costs more to subscribe, making it harder for families on a budget. Also, some of the new shows talk about things that aren’t really for kids, like relationships and modern politics issues. Because of this, some families, like mine, are thinking about whether Disney Plus is still the best choice for them.

Why We Canceled Disney Plus – Share With a Friend

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Canceling Disney Plus Final Thoughts

When a lot of people speak up about what they think is right, it can make a big difference. If we tell the entertainment industry that we don’t like the new shows and how they’re going against what we believe in, they might listen. And if enough people do it, it could give an immediate hit to the companies where it hurts most– in their wallets. That means they might start making changes to their shows and movies to keep more families happy. So, speaking up can really make a change.

You are the most influential person in your kids life. If the overall decline of recent content offered to our families is not up to your standards don’t be afraid to do what you feel in your gut you have to do. Your home is a sacred place. Protect what comes in to your four walls. 

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