Where to Find FREE Veggie Tales Coloring Pages

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Fans of veggietales rejoice! If you love Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber -or if you have a little one that does- You are going to love these free veggie tales coloring pages. Make your very own veggietales coloring book or just print one coloring page at a time, totally your choice!

veggie tales characters
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If you read about my moms stroke last week on the blog, then you know I’ve been spending a ton of time in waiting rooms the last few weeks.

My two year old sidekick has been a good sport coming with me to so many appointments for his grandma. Making sure we always have yummy snacks and fun activities on hand have been a life saver!

Having a veggietales coloring page in his pack will keep him entertained for a good ten minutes at a time. And if you know two year olds, you know that’s pretty great.

Okay so lets get down to the nitty gritty.

As you know Bob the tomato, Larry the cucumber, and Junior Asparagus are just a few of the lovable characters from the Veggie Tales film series. By the way if you haven’t watched their Jonah movie you really, really need to! It’s one of our family’s favorite kid movies.

So anyway, since I (obviously) do not own the rights to these characters, I can’t technically give you the actual free coloring pages. BUT, I can certainly point you in the direction where you can find them for FREE.

Free Veggie Tales Coloring Pages Resources:

Okay, I hope you find these free veggietales coloring and activity pages as fun AND helpful for your little humans as I did.

And if anyone knows how you would go about getting permission to make veggie tales coloring pages, let me know! I’d love to make my own but seriously don’t want to get into any legal trouble! 🤪

Do you find yourself in a lot of waiting rooms with a toddler like I have the last month? Here are some other toys and things that have helped keep my little guy quiet and busy during those times:

Quiet Toys and Activities to Keep Toddlers Entertained

I have used all of these the last month and a half in waiting rooms of all kinds.

quiet toys and activity ideas for toddlers. farm animal figurines, poke a dot book, coloring pages, headphones, pop fidget toy, Jacobs latter toy, chocolate pieces, water bottle

Keep a few of these in your toddler’s bag at all times and rotate them every few days so they don’t get bored of them.

  1. Farm Animal Figurines
  2. Water Wow! color on the go books
  3. Pop fidget toys
  4. Wooden Jacob’s ladder
  5. Jonah and the whale coloring pages
  6. Poke-a-dot books or your Child’s favorite books.
  7. Toddler headphones. You might need to buy an adapter for your phone if that’s what your toddler will use.
  8. Healthy version of crispy m&m’s: Unreal chocolate gems because having chocolate on hand is always a good idea!
  9. And make sure to always carry their water bottle as well. We’ve been using this awesome stainless steel water bottle and I love it because its durable and doesn’t spill.

Closing Thoughts

mom with her toddler son smiling
Hanging out with my little guy at the hospital….chocolate face and all

I would love to hear what other quiet toys have worked for you when you need to keep toddlers entertained for a period of time.

Please share them in the comments!

My mom has weekly occupational, physical, and speech therapy appointments for the next several months so I need all the ideas I can get!


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