A Mom’s Guide to Advent: Family-Friendly Bible Reading Plan

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Hey there! It’s (almost) that magical time of year again…..it’s October as I write this, and as we gear up for the holiday season, my family’s hearts are filled with a special kind of anticipation. Advent, the season of hope, love, joy, and peace that leads us right to the heart of Christmas.

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As a mom who loves this time of year, I understand the joy and the challenges of sharing the true meaning of Christmas with our little ones….and bigs.

Amidst the busyness of the Christmas season, twinkling lights, and glittery decorations, it’s essential to carve out moments for our families to reflect on Jesus’ birth and the incredible gift of love and hope He brought to the world.

That’s why I’ve put together this special blog post for you. It’s not just another Advent bible reading plan; it’s a journey designed especially for families with young children. We’ll touch on  the timeless stories, prophecies, and events that lead us to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Throughout these 25 days, we’ll not only go through daily bible readings together but also create a memorable, and educational experience for our kids. We’ll light Advent candles, share simple reflections, and even try our hands at some crafts and activities to make the stories come to life.

So, grab your kids, cozy up in your favorite spot, and let’s make these moments count as we celebrate the true spirit of Christmas as a family. It’s a beautiful way to build memories, share the love of Christ, and remind ourselves that the best gift of all is not under the tree but in our hearts.

Let’s get started and make this Advent season one to remember!

Who can use this Advent Reading Plan

the great thing is, it’s for just about everyone!

  • Families: It’s perfect for families of all shapes and sizes, with Advent readings that kids and parents can enjoy together. It’s a wonderful way to bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home.
  • Church Groups: Whether it’s a Sunday school class, a youth group, or small groups, this plan can help your group prepare for Christmas together, deepening your understanding of the season.
  • Individuals: If you’re spending this Advent season on your own, this plan is a fantastic companion for your personal reflection and devotion.

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How to use this Advent Bible Reading Plan:

Instructions for Using this Family-Friendly Advent Bible Reading Plan:

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  1. Gather: As a family, find a cozy and comfortable spot where you can read and discuss the Bible together. This could be around the dinner table, in a special corner, or even by the Christmas tree.
  2. Light an Advent Candle: Consider lighting one candle each day before you start your reading. Explain the significance of the candle (Hope, Peace, Joy, Love) and discuss what it means.  During Advent, we have four Sundays. Here’s how we usually do it in our home: In the first week, we light one candle and keep it lit every night. Then, in the second week, we add another candle to the one from last week, and we light both every night. We continue this way until all four candles are lit. I hope that made sense.
  3. Read: Read the Bible passage for each day. Encourage the children to take turns reading verses if they are old enough.
  4. Discuss in Simple Terms: After reading, discuss the passage in simple terms. Ask questions like, “What do you think this story is about?” or “How does this story relate to Christmas?”
  5. Pray Together: Take a moment to pray as a family. Ask the children if there’s anything they would like to pray for, such as family, friends, or those in need.
  6. Activities: To make it engaging for young children, consider doing a simple craft or activity related to the day’s reading. This could be coloring a picture, making a craft, or acting out a scene from the story. You can also add the bible verses into your own activity advent calendar if you already have one for the month of December.

25-Day Family-Friendly Advent Bible Reading Plan

This family friendly Advent Bible reading plan will help even the younger kids in the family engage with the story of Jesus’ birth and his ministry in a way that they understand and is fun for them.

None of the daily readings are too long. I also suggest using a children’s bible like the Jesus Storybook Bible. Consider doing some activities and crafts related to the day’s reading to make it an interactive family time. I will link simple activities or crafts for some of the readings to give you a few ideas.

Each reading is carefully chosen to engage both children and adults in understanding the significance of Jesus’ birth and how it fulfills the promises of the old testament prophecies. It’s a wonderful journey that brings the family closer to the heart of the Christmas story.

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Day 1: The Promise of a Savior

On the first day, we read about the promise of a Savior. This passage introduces the concept of a coming Messiah, which sets the stage for the rest of the Advent plan.

  • Read: Genesis 3:15

Answers in Genesis has a great resource if you want to dive deeper into the context of this verse.

✂️ An easy craft idea for today could be making a paper chain and adding googly eyes and a tongue to the last circle to make it look like a snake.

Day 2: God’s Covenant with Abraham

This covenant is an important step in God’s plan to bring about the Savior, as it promises blessings for all nations through Abraham’s descendants.

  • Read: Genesis 12:1-3

Day 3: The Prophecy of a Messiah

This day focuses on Isaiah 7:14, a powerful prophecy that foretells the virgin birth of Christ. It’s a great opportunity to discuss what a prophecy is and how this one relates to the birth of Jesus.

  • Read: Isaiah 7:14

Day 4: The Angel Visits Mary

Take the time to discuss Mary’s role in the Christmas story and the significance of her willingness to be a part of God’s plan.

  • Read: Luke 1:26-38

🎶 Activity idea: Listen to this beautiful song from Seeds Family Worship.

Day 5: Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth

Explore the heartwarming story of Mary’s visit to her relative Elizabeth. It’s a touching moment of joy and connection between two mothers to be.

  • Read: Luke 1:39-45

Day 6: Joseph’s Dream

Day 6 covers Joseph’s dream in Matthew 1:18-25, where he learns about the miraculous nature of Mary’s pregnancy and his role in caring for Jesus. This passage in God’s word highlights Joseph’s obedience and trust in God.

  • Read: Matthew 1:18-25

Day 7: The Birth of Jesus

The reading for today from the gospel of Luke, describes the actual birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. It’s an important moment in the story and leads us to the heart of the Christmas story.

  • Read: Luke 2:1-7

Day 8: The Angels and the Shepherds

Day 8 takes us to, where the shepherds receive the angelic announcement of Jesus’s birth. These verses emphasize the good news of great joy for all people.

  • Read: Luke 2:8-20

✂️ Craft idea: Make paper plate angels

Day 9: Simeon and Anna Meet Jesus

In Luke 2:21-38, we meet Simeon and Anna, two faithful people who recognize the baby Jesus as the promised Messiah. This passage highllights the universal significance of Jesus’ birth.

  • Read: Luke 2:21-38

Day 10: The Visit of the Wise Men

Today we read about the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus. It’s an opportunity to discuss the symbolism of the gifts they bring and the importance of seeking Jesus.

  • Read: Matthew 2:1-12

🎶 Activity Idea: Listen to this Seeds family worship Matthew 2:10-12 song

Day 11: The Flight to Egypt

In Matthew 2:13-15, we read about Joseph’s obedience to God’s direction to escape to Egypt to protect Jesus from King Herod’s wrath. This passage shows the lengths God goes to for our safety and well-being.

  • Read: Matthew 2:13-15

Day 12: The Return to Nazareth

Today tells us about Joseph, Mary, and Jesus returning to Nazareth after their time in Egypt. This passage highlights their obedience to God’s guidance.

  • Read: Matthew 2:19-23

Day 13: Jesus as a Child

In Luke 2:41-52, we read about the young Jesus visiting the temple in Jerusalem and discussing important matters with the teachers. This passage showcases Jesus’ wisdom even as a child.

  • Read: Luke 2:41-52

Day 14: John the Baptist Prepares the Way

John’s role was to prepare people for the coming of the Messiah.

  • Read: Mark 1:1-8

Day 15: The Baptism of Jesus

Matthew  describes Jesus’ baptism by John in the Jordan River. This event marks the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry and His acknowledgment by God as His beloved Son.

  • Read: Matthew 3:13-17

Day 16: Jesus’ Temptation

Today we read about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, where He overcomes the devil’s temptations. This passage highlights Jesus’ unwavering commitment to God’s will.

  • Read: Matthew 4:1-11

Day 17: Jesus Calls His Disciples

The early disciples of Jesus, who left everything to follow Him. These verses show us the importance of responding to Jesus’ call.

  • Read: Mark 1:16-20

Day 18: Jesus Heals the Sick

Matthew 8:1-17 gives us several instances of Jesus healing the sick and casting out demons. This passage showcases His compassion and authority.

  • Read: Matthew 8:1-17

Day 19: The Parable of the Good Samaritan

The famous parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus teaches us about loving our neighbors and showing compassion to those in need.

  • Read: Luke 10:25-37

Day 20: Jesus Walks on Water

The miraculous event where Jesus walks on water and invites Peter to join Him. This passage highlights the importance of faith and trust in Jesus.

  • Read: Matthew 14:22-33

Day 21: Peter’s Confession of Jesus

Matthew 16:13-20 captures the moment when Peter declares Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of the living God. This confession signifies a deep understanding of who Jesus really is!

  • Read: Matthew 16:13-20

Day 22: The Transfiguration

Today’s reading gives us a quick glance when Jesus reveals His glory to Peter, James, and John. This event points to His divine nature.

  • Read: Matthew 17:1-13

Day 23: The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-18 presents Jesus as the Good Shepherd who cares for His sheep and is willing to lay down His life for them. It illustrates Jesus’ love and care for us.

  • Read: John 10:1-18

Day 24: The Last Supper

Luke 22:14-20 describes the Last Supper, where Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper (Communion) and offers His body and blood for the forgiveness of sins.

  • Read: Luke 22:14-20

Day 25: The Birth of Jesus (Repeat)

On Christmas Day, we return to Luke 2:1-20 to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This passage reminds us of the central event of Advent, the arrival of the Savior.

  • Read: Luke 2:1-20 (Repeat this passage on Christmas Day)

This Advent reading plan focuses on key events leading up to Jesus’ birth and some important moments from His ministry. The readings are meant to highlight the season of Advent, which is a period of preparation and anticipation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Last Thoughts

In the whirlwind of holiday preparations and the busyness of the season, I hope this Advent Bible reading plan will be a glimpse of guiding light. May it help keep your focus on the true reason behind all the festivities and excitement of this season.

May you find moments of calm, reflection, and unity as a family. The Advent candles, the stories you will share, and the family activities allow you to make the true story of Christmas come alive for your little ones.

As we approach Christmas Day, we’re not just marking another date on the calendar. We’re celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I truly hope this  Advent Bible reading plan anchores your hearts in the real meaning of this season, reminding you and yours that the greatest gift of all isn’t what’s wrapped up with a bow but the baby in the manger.

May your family’s celebrations overflow with joy, love, and a sense of wonder as you honor the birth of the One who brings hope, peace, joy, and love into our lives. 

I love the Advent season because it gives us a chance to slow down and truly savor the true reason for Christmas, and I hope it does the same for your family. 

Merry Christmas, and may the spirit of Christ’s love shine in your home always.


Advent Bible Reading Plan

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