Best Organic Baby Clothes Guide

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I’m excited to share this post from my friend Amelia who is sharing with us all her research on the best organic baby clothes brands out there. She also gives us her best tips to keep our little one’s organic wardrobe within budget.

Somewhere along your journey into natural living, you probably realized that even the clothes on our body often carry harmful chemicals. Though this can be overwhelming, I want to share with you how we have been able to switch to 100% organic baby clothes even on a very tight budget!

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Today, I want to share a helpful overview of my favorite brands for organic options in children’s and baby’s clothing . This topic can get very complex, as you can imagine, so I want to share how simple it really can be.

Thankfully, these days we have many good options that are affordable, really cute, and truly non-toxic safe fabrics. I will give specific recommendations later, but here is an overview of the best organic baby clothes brands:

  1. Pact
  2. Touched by Nature
  3. Lamaze Organic Baby
  4. Burt’s Bees Baby
  5. Hanna Andersson

And even more than being non-toxic, we want our clothing to actually benefit the people all along the supply chain – never harming them. Again, I am thankful that we live in a time in which we can find answers like these and choose to buy from companies that operate with ethical practices and support families by providing a fair living wage.

Why consider organic baby clothes?

To say it shortly, I choose organic baby clothe’s in order to decrease my children’s environmental toxin load and to support families around the world.

Unfortunately, many of the conventional clothing today contain chemicals that are harmful to our health. I won’t go too in depth here because that alone is another post.

But many sources verify that there are thousands of toxic chemicals being used in children’s clothing. Everything from the glyphosate heavily used on conventional cotton, to carcinogenic dyes, to formaldehyde and flame retardant being used in the finishing steps of clothes.

While the health impacts are immense, the top two that keep me dedicated to organic/non-toxic clothing are the documented 1) cancer-causing and 2) hormone-disrupting properties of many of these chemicals.

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And it’s not just my babies. I think of the numerous people around the world who are personally impacted by the clothes-making process. Whether they are working with glyphosate-ridden cotton, dying the clothes, or even living in a community surrounded by cotton fields and clothing manufacturers. I truly think the impact is wider than we’ll ever know.

To help you navigate organic clothing as your child ages, I’ve broken up my recommendations by age: baby, toddler, and kids.

Favorite Organic Baby Clothes Brands

organic baby clothes
Organic Baby’s Clothing

In my experience, the baby stage was the easiest for finding organic children’s clothing. These four brands have basically filled out our babies’ wardrobes from birth through toddler years. Here are some of our favorite baby brands:

1. Pact

I just have to mention Pact first. In all our searching over the past three years, I continually come back to Pact as the highest quality for the price point. And as you’ll see, they have items for the whole family!

While Pact is generally more expensive than the other brands I’ll mention, I do believe the quality makes up for it. The handful of Pact onesies we own are not showing any signs of wearing out (however, all the other brands show noticeable wear).

Lastly, the ethical standards for people and the environment are excellent.

Here are some of my favorite baby clothes from Pact:

2. Burt’s Bees Baby

Second on our list is Burt’s Bees Baby. I want to be upfront and say that I’m starting to have hesitations about this clothing company. However, I’m including them because they do have a wide variety of organic cotton baby clothing.

My hesitation is that they were recently bought out by Clorox. Unfortunately, when large companies buy out smaller companies, quality and ethical standards often fall and it can be hard to know if it’s a company worth supporting anymore.

I did email the company about a year ago asking for some information about their standards for working conditions. In response, they did give some details about how they ensure a safe work environment and conditions and fair wages along the supply chain. This gave me enough confidence to continue buying some of their items.

Also, their GOTS certification does ensure some standard of fair wages and good conditions in all the factories.

Regardless, if you’re looking for affordable prices, truly non-toxic organic cotton baby clothes, they are still a good source. Here are some of our favorite organic finds for baby:

  • Zip-Up Sleeper Pajamas – About $13-15/pajamas. We like the snug fit of these compared to other brands, and we have enjoyed all the sizes except newborn.
  • Baby Bodysuits 5-Pack – This affordable pack of five onesies has been great for filling out clothing sizes quickly. They come in a handful of colors and in long- or short-sleeve. We recently got our baby the pink set and it is so adorable!
  • Wearable Blanket – This wearable blanket has helped our little one sleep with the snug feeling of a blanket (but without the risk). It comes in light or thick fabric, depending on your climate.
best organic soft baby clothes

3. Lamaze Organic Baby

Next on our list of organic brands is Lamaze Organic Baby. In contrast to the last company we discussed, Lamaze appears to still be owned and supported only by companies that align with their vision.

Their line of organic baby clothes is cute and affordable. In our personal experience, it is a bit lightweight and shows wear and tear more than Pact clothing. But we still enjoy the affordable non-toxic products!

Here are some of our favorite Lamaze Organic Baby finds:

  • Newborn Bodysuits – These are just too stinkin’ cute. My second baby was 7 lb., and she got a solid month out of these adorable tiny bodysuits. They come in many sizes and a handful of neutral colors.
  • Tank Top Romper – This romper is very similar to the one we were gifted a couple years ago. The halter top with capris-length legs is perfect for crawling babies on a warm day.
  • Baby Boy Romper – In case you’re a boy-mama, here is an example of a cute organic romper for your baby boy! I can almost guarantee that if we have a boy next, he will have one of these.
  • Lightweight Pants – These are definitely lightweight, and pair well with a bodysuit for some extra coverage on a cool day.

4. Touched by Nature

Next up, Touched by Nature. We really enjoy this affordable line of organic baby’s clothing. It is widely available on Amazon, and at many stores including Target and Macy’s.

In order to find answers about their fair trade practices (since they are a newer company), I messaged them on Facebook in 2021. They responded:

All of the factories that manufacture Touched By Nature products are GOTs certified and so is the 100% organic fabric that all of our products are made from. We are working on getting our shipping and storage facility GOTs certified and hope to add tags to our products in the future.

While this doesn’t answer every question, it does ensure a good level of quality being that their factories are GOTS Organic certified. Here are a few fun options for both girls and boys:

  • Long-Sleeve Bodysuits – Since we keep our wardrobes minimal, I love how quickly you can fill out a fall/winter wardrobe with this pack of 5 long-sleeve bodysuits. There are lots of colors and every size you would need.
  • Organic Cotton Socks – One 6-pack of these socks was more than enough for baby! I went with plain white, but they have lots of fun patterns and colors.
  • Wearable Blanket – Looks like this company also has an affordable wearable blanket with lots of patterns!
  • Girls and Boys Rompers – Touched By Nature has a great variety of rompers for boys and girls. They have some tank top rompers, t-shirt rompers, and even dressier frilly rompers.
  • Baby Blankets – And lastly, they have a great selection of organic baby blankets.

Toddler | organic children’s clothing

organic toddler clothing
Minimalist organic wardrobe for toddlers

After my oldest was past the age of bodysuits, I found myself asking, What do “big kids” wear anyway? I will say, I think it’s easier with girls (I have had many boy-mom friends confirm this), because girls can wear dresses!

So, as you’ll see, we have found that dresses work in any season, from tank dresses with shorts for summer, to long-sleeve dresses with pants for winter. We also have some t-shirts that coordinate with her selection of pants and shorts.

Here are some of the best brands of organic children’s clothing for toddlers, organized by brand:

1. Touched by Nature – dresses

  • Long- and Short-Sleeve Dresses – As you can see, there are tons of options for both short- and long-sleeve dresses from Touched by nature. I will say, we have noticed them shortening with washing and drying, so I recommend line-drying. Also, wearing them with shorts or pants allows them to be useful much longer.
  • Tank-Top Dresses – While there are only two choices for 2-packs of tank-top dresses, one of the pairs has been plenty for this summer when rotated in with t-shirts.

2. Shop Pact for T-shirts, pants, shorts

Pact has been my go-to source for toddler staples. Their multipacks of t-shirts, pants, and shorts are affordable and versatile! I also check their Last Call page first when I’m in the market for toddler clothes. I’ve found a handful of very cheap items this way. Here are some examples:

  • Pack of 3 T-shirts – While the regular price is 3 for $40, there are currently some T’s for $6 or $7 in their Last Call selection (it changes often, so you could check back periodically).
  • Classic Leggings – These lightweight leggings pair perfectly with the Touched by Nature dresses I mentioned above. Again, these will pop up in the Last Call section very discounted (currently $8 instead of $20).
  • Somersault Short – I really like these lightweight, stretchy cotton shorts. Currently, there is a nice neutral gray on sale for $5.

3. Burt’s Bees Baby – PJ’s, Rompers

For toddlers, I enjoy Burt’s Bees Baby two-piece pajamas and rompers.

  • Girl’s 2-Piece Pajamas – These are our go-to toddler pajamas (though I might look at some other brands moving forward for reasons mentioned above). We usually buy two pairs per size to avoid wearing them out.
  • Boy’s 2-Piece Pajamas – Here are some patterns for little boys, though many of the “girl” patterns are basically neutral.
  • Girl’s Rompers – We were gifted this cute set of rompers in two sizes, 3-month and 12-month. It was great for both ages. Just precious!
  • Boy’s Rompers – If you have a little boy, these cute rompers/overalls could be a great choice.

4. Hanna Andersson – Undies

While I typically don’t shop at Hanna Andersson because of price, I actually found their kids underwear to be very affordable and high quality. During the mid to later toddler years, as you enter into “potty-learning,” consider this 7-pack of organic underwear for $30. They have options for boys as well.

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kids | organic children’s clothing

Being that my oldest is currently three, my thoughts about older kids’ clothing are purely planning for the future. I would assume that as the girls get older, I’ll want a bit more variety in their clothing. Here’s where I would start in looking for organic clothing for older kids:

1. Touched by Nature – Kids Leggings and Dresses

While there are limited types of clothes, Touched by Nature has a few really affordable basics for girls in every size. Their leggings and dresses could work for any age, and are available in many fun colors!

2. Pact – Kids Clothes

The great thing about Pact is that they continue to come out with new styles regularly, and the selection is improving over time. So, by the time my kids are older, I assume there will be some great options from this store.

Even now, there are a handful of really nice basics for both boys and girls. Of course, I would shop their Last Call page first.

3. Hanna Andersson

As I mentioned before, I haven’t bought much from Hanna Andersson because of the price. However, as my toddler becomes an older kid, I think I will make some strategic purchases from this company to fill out her wardrobe.

The good news is that Hanna Andersson seems to always have some sort of deal running, as well as a wide selection in their Sale section. For example, as I write this post, they are running a “40% off all baby and toddler clothes” promo.

4. Explore other Good On You Brands

Finally, for some fun and unique pieces, I would recommend exploring other brands with good ratings from the Good On You directory. This company does independent research into clothing companies and rates them on three standards: Planet, People, Animals.

Though it can be frustrating to sift through all the various brands, I have found a few outliers that were worth the search – affordable and good to people, the planet, and animals.

organic children’s clothing… for a small budget

organic children's clothes
Choose timeless design and organic sustainable materials

As I mentioned, this is us. We haven’t been able to throw a large amount of money at kids clothes, but have switched over to 100% organic children’s clothing by making a few strategic purchases at each stage.

So, if you’re in the same small-budget boat, here are some recommendations to get you started:

1. Focus on what your kids wear the most.

For babies and toddlers, this is usually pajamas. Sleeping more than half the day, children spend much of their first years in their pajamas and in bed. So, you could consider picking up a few organic pajamas, and maybe even an organic crib sheet.

Or, you could start with a pack of bodysuits, and have your baby wear these most of the time.

Figure out what pieces would be worn the most often, and invest in those first.

2. Go minimalist with the best organic baby clothes

Kids don’t need a wide variety of clothes. They just need clean, organic fabrics to cover their bodies. I mean if we’re honest, they’re going to poop on it or get food on it anyway, so why get too fancy?

While variety is fun, if you’re getting started with a small budget, consider a minimalist wardrobe. Ask yourself, “What is the minimal number of pieces I could buy to dress my baby every day at this size?” Here’s some examples:

  • 0-3 months: For a total of roughly $50 pick up a 3-pack Touched by Nature Sleepers and a 5-pack Touched by Nature Bodysuits. If I’m willing to do a few extra loads of laundry or wash a couple things by hand, these 8 pieces of clothing would be more than enough!
  • Toddler girl summer wardrobe: Pair 2 Touched by Nature Dresses, with 3 somersault shorts and 3 t-shirts from the last-call section of Pact. This would come to around $55 depending on the current Pact sales.

3. Choose Oeko-Tex Standard 100 items

While it is not as stringent and far-reaching as the GOTS organic certification, Oeko-Tex certified clothing is still a very good option.

According to their website, “If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be certain that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for human health.”

As you can see, the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label would assure you that the final product of clothing does not contain harmful levels of the common harsh chemicals used in clothing, like heavy metals or toxic dyes.

Target has started including a wide variety of affordable Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified products which we are really enjoying! This includes affordable non-toxic baby clothes like this set of 3 Cloud Island Sleepers for $13.

If you’re shopping online, check the “Details” section for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label. The clothing tag should carry this label in stores.

4. request specific gifts

I have definitely built up my kid’s clothes supply through strategic birthday/holiday gift lists. If your family is open to it, don’t be afraid to tell them you’re only buying organic products and clothes. And be sure to give specific links.

When asked for kids’ birthday or Christmas ideas, my go-to response is…

“Anything from Touched by Nature, Lamaze Organic Baby, or Burt’s Bees Baby in [current] size or bigger. You can get them from Amazon or Target!”

And if your family isn’t open to it… you could do what I have done many times. Return the item and use that cash to buy organic clothes.

5. Shop organic children’s clothing sales

Lastly, always check the “sales” or “last call” page FIRST when looking for baby’s clothing. You’ll be surprised how often you find things for more than half off! To get an idea, check out the Last Call page on Pact and the sales section on Hanna Andersson.

where to buy organic baby clothes

Where to buy | Lamaze Organic Baby, Touched by Nature, and Burt’s Bees:

You’ve probably picked up on it by now… The three most affordable organic baby clothes options are widely available on Amazon. They are also available at Target, as well as Walmart and Macy’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if other retailers stock these.

Where to buy | Pact and Hanna Andersson

For these higher quality, might-have-to-wait-for-sales brands, you’ll shop directly from their website. Go ahead and make an account because they’ll send you frequent discount codes and coupons. I’ve even found unexpected money in my Pact account as “credit for late delivery.” What a fun surprise!

Best Organic Baby Clothes Guide

best organic baby clothes brands

What about you?

What are your favorite organic clothing brands for children? Let me know in the comments below! There’s countless options out there, and we can learn so much from each other.

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