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Wether you’re looking for a podcast about raising kids, getting out of debt, living out your Christian faith, or learning a new homemaking skill, this list of podcasts for moms will have something for you.

I just recently started listening to podcasts, probably only within the last two or three years. I had been pretty old school up until then still listening to my cd’s from high school or my very limited iTunes library. If I remember right, It was when we were trying to get out of debt the second time that I started searching for inspiration and tips that led me to the wonderful world of podcasts.

I love listening to a good podcast. It really does make cleaning the bathroom after two boys (who can’t seem to aim where they’re supposed to) not seem like a horrible chore. So here we go, I hope you find something in this list that helps or encourages you.

1. Simple Families podcasts for moms

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Denaye Barahona has a Ph.D. in child development and is a mom of two herself. She offers a lot of insight into positive parenting and family wellness. Some of my favorite topics she talks about are simplicity and minimalism with kids. She discusses everything from having difficult conversations with our kids and setting realistic expectations for ourselves as moms, to tips on how to simplify our everyday home life. I also always enjoy her holiday gift guides.

2. Wellness Mama podcasts for moms

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If you are into holistic health in any way shape or form, chances are you’ve already heard about Katie Wells from the blog and podcast Wellness Mama. She is an encyclopedia of information on all things natural wellness. Katie is a journalist and researcher herself but she brings in medical doctors to interview and analyze all her content.

If you have questions about a specific health topic and are looking for a natural remedy, The wellness mama podcast is a great resource and place to start. I have to admit, a lot of her content is far above my level of understanding but I keep going back to her blog and podcast for my own journey into all things natural living.

3. Homemaker Chic

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This one is more just for fun. The hosts, Angela Reed and Shaye Elliot are two best friends who talk about their life on the homestead. The two hosts laugh a lot, share their love of wine, and the daily grind of everyday life. They are natural minded, homeschooling mamas of ten kids between them.

Each episode is about an hour long so I usually don’t catch everything they say, but since it’s more like listening to two besties chatting on the phone its an easy listen.

4. Simple Farmhouse Life

woman standing at her kitchen sink

This is my current favorite podcast! Lisa Bass is a homeschooling mom of soon to be seven kids. She is the creator behind the blog and youtube channel Farm House on Boone where she shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living, and all things handmade. She truly has a teachers heart and has wisdom in many other topics.

Because of Lisa I’ve had a thriving sourdough starter or our third born child as my husband likes to call it, for going on two years! Her from scratch recipes are some of my favorite weekly meals and my husband can’t get enough of her sourdough cinnamon rolls.

Trust me when I say you will be inspired and encouraged on your journey through motherhood and daily keeper of your home. I certainly have been.

5. The Bible Recap

text says the bible recap

I am currently trying to read through the Bible chronologically in one year. I’m about three months behind but that’s ok at least I’m trying right? This Podcast is great because it’s a companion to my daily reading. Each episode is only about 8 minutes long and It takes you through each chapter in the Bible explaining the context and history of what you have just read in a very easy way to understand. It truly brings the scriptures to life.

6. Fearless

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Cissie Graham Lynch is the granddaughter of Billy Graham. She discusses every difficult subject facing the Christian church at this point and time in history. These topics are not for the faint of heart and not easy to listen to at times. Cissie is passionate about empowering followers of Jesus to have fearless faith in a compromising world. Her number one advise is for us to read and know God’s word for ourselves, that we may know Him intimately in our hearts.

This podcast can get controversial and political at times, but it forces the listener to really think about how all these topics are or will affect their own family life.

7. The Rachel Cruze Show

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The daughter of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey is following her dads footsteps in teaching families how to save money, get out of debt and reach their financial goals. Her approach is very relatable and easy to understand. Her focus is geared a little more towards younger families while still using Dave Ramsey’s proven seven baby steps to financial freedom.

I have read all her and Dave’s books, and I highly recommend them to anyone feeling overwhelmed by their finances. Our family uses the principles we learned from the Ramsey family to live a debt free life. Our current financial goal is to pay off our mortgage within the next three years.

So there you have it, my current favorite podcasts for moms in a wide variety of topics.

What are you listening to right now? I’d love to add to my list!

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  1. Love the podcasts you picked. I will definitely be adding these to my regular weekly listening time. Thanks again for this.

  2. These are great! I listen to Homemaker Chic and Simple Farmhouse Life, but I want to try some of the others. Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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