How To Best Wash Bamboo Pillows

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Did you recently upgrade to a new bamboo pillow? Here are my best tips for how to wash a bamboo pillow and cover.

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Here’s a fun fact for ya…. Did you know, bamboo pillows are actually not the pillows themselves but the removable bamboo pillowcase it comes in? The bamboo pillow cover is made of bamboo fiber, and the actual pillow is most likely filled with memory foam.

For example, the most common bamboo pillow fillers are:

  • Shredded memory foam filling
  • Solid memory foam
  • Down alternative
  • Mulberry silk
  • Buckwheat hulls

while doing some research I only found one pillow brand that said their pillows are filled with bamboo charcoal memory foam, which is still not a 100% bamboo filled pillow.

Benefits Of A Bamboo Pillow

  • Eco-friendly sustainable resource
  • Removable cover so you can wash it weekly
  • Only requires a very small amount of detergent.

Health Benefits of Bamboo

  1. Non-toxic
  2. Bamboo regulates body temperature because of it’s highly breathable fiber
  3. Naturally resistant to bacteria, fungi, and dust mites.
  4. Hypoallergenic

Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows In The Washing Machine?

Always read your pillow’s complete care instructions, as many brands recommend different care for their product.

You can wash the bamboo removable case in the washer on a gentle cycle, with a bleach-free gentle detergent, in lukewarm water.

It’s usually not recommended washing memory filled pillows in the washer, even on a delicate cycle.

Memory foam acts like a sponge and it’s very delicate. Spot clean memory foam only using gentle soap and never scrub hard, gently dab.

How Often Should You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends washing pillows once every 4 to 6 months (if washable), and washing pillowcases once every week.

How Long Does It Take To Dry A Bamboo Pillow?

High temperature is not ideal for bamboo fibers, so try not to use the dryer if you can avoid it.

For best results try air drying. You can hang it on a drying rack out in direct sunlight for faster drying time or lay on a clean flat surface remembering to flip sides every couple of hours for even drying.

Plan for 12-24 hours drying time.

How Long Does A Bamboo Pillow Last?

Pillows of any type typically last 2-3 years, after that time they will begin to loose their shape and begin to sag or sink.

The life of your pillow will depend on the amount of use and proper care.

How To Wash A Bamboo Pillow

For proper care of your bamboo pillow and bamboo pillow cases please follow manufacturers care instructions.

Once you’ve figured out what it’s filled with, it will be easier to know the best way to properly clean the actual pillow.

Washing Instructions

  1. Take off the bamboo pillow cover.
  2. Wash bamboo pillow cover by itself. Washing by hand in lukewarm water with mild soapy water is a great choice. Or machine wash on a delicate washing cycle and a small amount of mild detergent.
  3. Air dry.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you weren’t too disappointed to find out your bamboo pillow is not actually filled with bamboo. They should really just call it a bamboo memory foam pillow

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In conclusion, just remember bamboo is a great choice when you’re trying to switch to a less toxic lifestyle….even if the whole pillow is not made of 100% bamboo. 😉

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